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What kinds of services does CertaStaff provide?

CertaStaff offers a wide range of employment-related services and solutions, including temporary and contract staffing, direct hire search and placement, IT project management, and human resources consulting.

Why should I choose CertaStaff over other firms?

CertaStaff prides itself in its ability to fill the most difficult positions a company may have. We have the ability to dedicate specially trained members of our staff to each of our employer clients. CertaStaff can also customize processes and services per request of the client. We are a Veteran owned and operated company, which supports America’s Heroes - 100%.

Does CertaStaff do background checks?

Yes absolutely, we perform thorough background checks which includes: Social Security Trace, Misdemeanor & Felony Checks, Drug Screening, Employment Verifications, Credit Checks, Driving Record checks, and many more.

As a Jobseeker what is the best way to gain employment through CertaStaff?

Submit a copy of your resume, along with a brief description of the position you are looking for to jobseeker@certastaff.com, or apply directly to one of our job postings online.

How quickly can CertaStaff locate viable candidates for my company?

Due to our large network and talent pools, we can have employees screened and backgrounded within 72 hours from date of request.

What are the rates that CertaStaff offers?

CertaStaff rates are determined by a few mitigating factors, including number of employees, length of contract and types of positions that need to be filled. For a specific quote please contact us.

How do I get paid?

CertaStaff pays on a weekly basis. You will receive your first paycheck on the following Friday and every Friday thereafter. We pay via Direct Deposit or check.

If I am running late or I will be out from my assignment, who should I notify?

Call our office before you are scheduled to arrive at work. We will contact the employer to inform them that you are on your way but are running late or if you will not be able to make it in.

Does CertaStaff charge employees a fee for temporary assignments?

No not at all, all fees are paid by the employer.

How long do people hold temporary jobs?

While certain jobs may last from a few months to several years, the best estimates for the average tenure of temporary and contract employees range from three to six months.

What types of assignments does CertaStaff offer?

Jobs assignments can range from Entry-level to Senior Management roles and are available in virtually all industries.

What happens if an employee is injured on an assignment?

Call our office immediately to report it. Health and safety are our #1 priority!

Does CertaStaff work nationally?

Yes, we work in all 50 US States.

What kind of IT Solutions does CertaStaff offer?

We offer a full range of IT solutions that include, IT Staffing, Project Management, and Direct Placements.

For IT Projects how does CertaStaff work?

For IT Projects clients should call us directly and put together a Scope of Work which entails all the requirements for the given project. CertaStaff with its IT consultants will build & manage the project from conception to completion.

What is the fee for Direct Hire Services?

Fees for Direct Hire Services usually range from 20% - 25% depending on the position and guarantee provided.

What is the guarantee for Direct Hire Services?

We generally offer a 90 day guarantee for all placed employees. We can offer up to 180 days for a 25% fee. Our guarantee ensures that you receive the best possible candidate available, if that placed candidate leaves employment during the guarantee period, then CertaStaff will replace the employee at no additional cost to the employer.

Does CertaStaff offer Retained Searches?

Yes! We do offer Retained searches for senior level positions. These searches offer a 1 year guarantee and require an initiation cost to begin. For more information on Retained Search, please contact us.

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