CertaStaff was born in 2011 during the time when the economic recovery was taking place from the Great Recession.

There was a high demand for talented employees at this time and companies saw the need to bring on new talent as a means to lift them back into profitability. After shedding so many employees during the economic slide of 2008-2009, it was time to start hiring back.

It was at this time, the founder of CertaStaff – James Sutton, decided to leave the corporate world and go into the Recruiting & Staffing full time. Armed with his Human Resources expertise and business acumen, Mr. Sutton opened the doors to CertaStaff in Atlanta, Georgia and focused mainly on key business areas of recruitment and staffing. 

Initially, CertaStaff was primarily in the Engineering and Operations Management areas of recruitment and staffing, but later blossomed into other key functions such as Accounting, Sales, Information Technology, Supply-Chain, and Manufacturing.

CertaStaff grew fast, logging double digit gains each and every year and averaged an annual growth rate of 30% for the first 5 years. By year 3, CertaStaff had 20 full-time employees and became a 1 MM dollar revenue company.

Since its inception, CertaStaff has opened up additional offices and has brought on more staff. Healthy growth has always been a primary focus for CertaStaff, which is why building solid relationships with employers has always been at the forefront of our business model. Whether it was with Fortune 500 companies or with smaller mid-sized organizations, CertaStaff has built long-lasting relationships that date back to its beginning.

Integrity - Competence - Customer Focus - Partnership - Reliability

It’s these core values that CertaStaff employees practice every day, which has led us to be able to grow into an industry leader and has ultimately contributed to our long-term success. CertaStaff’s main goal is to be the first choice of every employer for the areas of Recruiting, Staffing, or IT Solutions.

CertaStaff’s goal is to be“The Single Source Supplier” of all your Recruiting. Staffing, and IT Project needs. We are a company that understands your requirements, objectives, and delivers upon them.