We are continually striving to make sure that every placement we make is the right fit for you and your organization. We take our partnerships very seriously and are committed to building long-term relationships with all our clients. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. This level of commitment is guaranteed in the following assurances we offer with each placed employee at your company.

Direct Hires:

We screen each candidate to ensure that they will be a great fit for your company for years to come. However, if the employee does decide to leave within the first 90 days of employment. We will back fill that position at no additional charge. 

Our success rate in finding the perfect candidates for our clients is very high. On average, this Guarantee is only utilized about 3% of the time.

Staffing Replacements for life of the contract:

Once we fulfill a staffing requirement, we continue to ensure that that position will remain filled, operationally and productively. We create a pipeline of viable candidates to ensure that if a replacement is needed, we are ready to back-fill. For these vital positions that put up numbers for your company, we take a very pro-active approach to ensure you don’t lose money and that production is not affected.

CertaStaff’s goal is to be“The Single Source Supplier” of all your Recruiting. Staffing, and IT Project needs. We are a company that understands your requirements, objectives, and delivers upon them.