Precision Recruiting


Precision Recruiting is a candidate screening process that CertaStaff has developed and currently uses to pin-point the best candidates within the marketplace.

Through this process we are able to find the perfect fit candidates for each position. Our recruiters narrow down the candidate field by using a combination of 4 key target interview areas before any background screening takes place. These 4 areas are as follows:

KSAs – Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Behavior Based Interviewing
Expectational Interviewing
Reverse Interviewing

Each of these areas are included into our interview process and we may also conduct panel style interviews for certain positions to ensure multiple recruiters are all in approval before pursuing a potential hire. We dedicate ourselves to this extremely important part of the selection process because employee effectiveness and turn-over are specific areas we take very seriously.

Here at CertaStaff we understand the costs that high turn-over has on an organization and we strive to set higher standards with lowering those rates while providing superior talent. Our primary goal is to be the industry leader in recruiting and staffing while providing stellar results and great customer service. We believe that finding the best candidate takes the utmost screening process, and you can be ensured that once a new hire comes through your doors to begin their assignment, they carry our seal of approval.

We understand that supporting our clients through new employee implementation is essential to successful employer/employee relationships within a new work environment. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure every aspect of the on-boarding process is seamless. Below are some examples of our Verification and On-Boarding procedures that we offer:


Employment Verification
Employer Policy Guidance
Background Screening
Performance Management

At CertaStaff we are pleased to curtail our pre-hire processes to best suit your needs, it’s not an extra for us, but a customer service requirement. 

Through our contingency recruiting services we will recruit, screen, and negotiate on your terms, the best candidate available to fill your open positions and we guarantee each filled position. At CertaStaff we seek to earn your trust and to build strong relationships with our clients, we believe this helps grow both your company and ours.

CertaStaff’s goal is to be“The Single Source Supplier” of all your Recruiting. Staffing, and IT Project needs. We are a company that understands your requirements, objectives, and delivers upon them.